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We offer you several options to track our CFB trading account in real time. Both on the PC and on mobile devices.

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Welcome to our crypto forex bank!

Our company was founded in December 2016 by Swiss experts with innovation and courage to move borders and enter new territory. The result? A new concept for small and large investors who now have the possibility to achieve secure returns even without great knowledge of the investment.
Our experts check continually our concept and adapt it to the market. In our analyzes and decisions, we involve only partners which are able to withstand our high standards and requirements. Because every single customer, no matter how high his investments are, is very important to us.

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Let the experts work for you!

The CRYPTO FOREX BANK gives you the opportunity to participate in one of the most interesting markets and profit from our know-how. We offer you the possibility to copy all the trades of our experienced traders automatically (copytrading) and thereby keep full control of your trading account and your deposited funds.
How does this work? Very easily! We will open an account on your behalf at our partner broker and connect it to our Mastertradingkonto, that is monitored by our experienced traders around the clock. Our company does not have access to your account at any time!
And another advantage of our company: the personal all-round support from our support center.

Forex Trading

The Forex market is one of the most popular financial markets in the world and the daily trading volume is immense. The estimated daily turnover of foreign exchange trading is over 4 trillion US dollars worldwide. Business and financial transactions are only 10% of this trading volume. The large number of traders and the immense amount of currencies that are traded every day, means that the foreign exchange market is exceptionally liquid.

Interested? Copy the trades of our professionals and profit from this market!

Our return target: 1,6% - 2,5% per trading day

Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin is not a currency but a revolution - the greatest revolution of money for centuries. Currencies have always been issued by a state. As early as 1976, Frederick August von Hayek demanded the abolition of monetary monopolies by the states and left money by itself to the forces of the market. With the Bitcoin, you will realize, exactly this happens: the first real market money is there. Ordered by no one but covered by pure mathematics. There will never be more than 21 million of them.

Become a part of this revolution!

Our return target: 7% - 8% per week

ETH Trading

Bitcoin made the start seven years ago. And for a long time, it looked as if other crypto currencies had no chance against the Primus. Bitcoin dominated everything, and for Bitcoin fans it was decided that the thing had already been decided: Bitcoin had the most users, the best infrastructure and the largest media presence. But since the beginning of 2016 steals the currency ETHER suddenly Bitcoin the show. Ether is the currency from world computer project Ethereum. It increased by 1000 percent on the stock exchanges in a few weeks. Meanwhile, the market capitalization of ETHER's is over one billion dollars.

Are you looking for alternatives to Bitcoin and the Forex trading?

Our return target: Coming soon

Experienced and professional team

The experienced and professional team is the key asset of our company. At ForexShares, our investment professionals always achieve the highest level of performance and professional results.

Adequate Reserve Fund

We take very seriously our responsibility and maintain an adequate reserve fund at various market conditions to ensure that our customers receive an attractive return without any risks

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Our server can effectively protect the site against TCP based attacks reaching 10Gbps and Bandwidth based attacks reaching 20GBps assuring you that all accounts are safe. Site is also secured with an Green Extended EV SSL certificate adding another level of protection to your account's privacy. Our SSL gives you up to $250,000 warranty on your transactions.

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Jun-14-2017 07:14:39 AM

Registration Worldwide Networks and Traders !!!

Jun-14-2017 07:12:42 AM

Bitcoin is expected to rise to $ 4,000 by the end of the year.

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